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We are continually working with manufacturers and suppliers to stay up-to- date on new materials, especially in the areas of specialty products, which is why we regularly visit the manufacturing facilities and meet with their representatives. Michael has been running his painting and wall covering business since 1990 and has been asked to help write installation instructions for many manufacturers and is regularly called in throughout the United States to oversee jobs that require an experienced installer. 

In addition, we use the Festool Dustless Sander. It allows us to spackle and sand all surfaces while eliminating 99.9% of all dust particles produced while sanding utilizing a HEPA filter equal to those used in healthcare environments eliminating the dust at the source--before it is ever released into the air.

Recommended Installer by Maya Romanoff, Phillip Jeffries, Osborne & Little, York, Thibaut, Fabricut/Stroheim, Thibaut.

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Elizabeth has over 20 years of construction experience in working with architects, general contractors, and subcontractors allowing the job to be expedited and completed on time and within the parameters discussed at the projects onset. This helps set us apart from other companies in our field.

A partial client list includes:

  • Brookline, MA-Maya Romanoff Bedazzled 
  • MOMA, Cindy Sherman Exhibit-Digital Mural 
  • Odin, NY, Various Stores-Wall covering, Painting, Carpentry, Tile, Fireplace Restoration 
  • Peterson House, Washington, DC-Historic Restoration of Wall covering 
  • Archbishop of Philadelphia-Gold Leaf Restoration
  • Franklin Mint, NYC, NY-Digital Mural, 
  • The Sagamore, NYC, NY-Maya Romanoff Bedazzled
  • Bloomingdales-Ted Baker Digital Murals
  • The Jefferson Hotel-Washington, DC-Fromental Mural

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