Michael J. Kelly & Son, Inc. is an authorized dealer and certified installer of belbien™ Vinyl Film, the most innovative and creative surfacing material on the contract market today.

belbien™ has been successfully specified and installed on such applications as air bridges, bank teller lines, cruise lines, retail signage, gaming fixtures and interiors, reception areas, interior and exterior columns and doors, elevator cabs and exteriors, wall and ceiling panels, soffits, store fixtures, tradeshow displays and much more.

belbien™ is a P.V.C. surfacing material, .006” thick that exhibits extraordinary stain, abrasion and chemical resistance. In fact, even the most stubborn stains, such as permanent marker, simply wipe off. It’s Class A fire rating makes it ideal for installation in projects such as banking, gaming, corporate, entertainment, fixture and display. Resistant to abrasion, unlike laminates and metallic finishes, belbien™ can be easily repaired if damaged. With its own integrated adhesive system, belbien™ allows for quick , clean applications with little, if any, down time. Most of our installations are done “in service” without disruption.

belbien™ is available in hundreds of textures and colors, replicating such finishes as marble, granite, stone, wood, crystal, and many more. Memo samples are only a phone call away.